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Re/Max One
Cell: (818) 621-0253
Email: John@Linxcg.com

Success is only achieved when my client's goals have been exceeded. This is the story of how persistence, tenacity, education and experience allowed me to reach the Top 1% of all agents Nationwide. The culmination of the past two decades has brought me challenging hard work mixed with unparalleled excitement.

I'm a Californian through and through. I was born here in Southern California and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I grew up playing baseball, soccer and basketball for either my school or local leagues. Being from California I learned to surf too. Years later I had the opportunity to give back by coaching youth sports with my two children. This helped me develop the skills needed to become a community leader. Ultimately these experiences taught me more than I expected. After high school I attended college with my sole focus on real estate. In 1995 my decision was to join the corporate world of property management. My entrepreneurial nature wanted a real estate path that allowed me to build something from the ground up. In 1998 I decided to enter the world of residential home sales. With two aunts, a close friend and cousin already in the business, I felt it was a perfect fit.

I was young, about to be married, with no kids at the time. The timing was perfect for me to jump in with both feet. My strong work ethic, business knowledge and time management skills would now be put to the test. I knew I could out work anyone, which I did, and continue to do today. My competitive nature served me well. The accolades received have been nice compliments. The real rewards came from the relationships created that have lasted all these years.

From the day I started in this profession it has been my sole focus. Be it tough times or smooth sailing I will be here selling homes. Over the decades I've sold everything from celebrity estates to mobile homes. I've enjoyed and valued each and every lesson along the way. When someone needs assistance my focus becomes ensuring their needs are met. My services include helping people with home sales, banks with foreclosures, buyers looking for their dream home or investors searching for a rental property. I am here and ready to work. My aim is to deliver the best client representation and escrow management available in this industry.

Qualifications Include:
• Recognized as the hardest working and professional broker in the industry.
• Always striving to protect and promote the best interest of my clients.
• Zero complaints with the California Department of Real Estate or National Association of Real Estate.

Scope of Experience Encompasses

All Facets of Real Estate Including the Following:

  • Unbeatable Marketing Techniques
  • Excellent Negotiating Skills Developed Over 25 Years
  • Escrow Management with Client Updates Regularly
  • Foreclosures and Short Sale Specialist
  • New Tract Housing Sales
  • Custom Built Home Sales
  • Relocation Home Sales
  • Straight Forward and Detailed Client Communication
  • Real Estate Investment Strategies - As an investor myself, I know the pitfalls to avoid.

Proven Organization/Time Management Abilities
Excellent planner, goal setter and self-motivator. Able to handle a high volume of clients while effectively managing all sales. Each day is prescheduled.

Excellent Communication Skills:
Able to effectively communicate with people from various backgrounds. Build rapport and develop trust. I can convey difficult issues and computations in simple terms.

Utilize Property Marketing Strategies That Include:

  • Target Marketing – The most innovative way to get homes sold in today’s real estate market, and it works! Spending extra time and money to target the main areas our buyers come from. This includes print, online ads, new listing alerts, and social media based on zip codes etc.
  • Networking of Listings.
  • Highlight Sheets – Pinpointing the favorable and valuable amenities of your home.
  • Color Brochure – Allowing buyers to recall your home visually.
  • Virtual Tours – Making it possible for buyers to tour homeS on the Internet 24 hours a day.
  • Follow-Up System – Communicate to sellers the feedback of prospective buyers. Utilizing a tracking system to encourage an offer and sale.
  • Social Media Advertising - 24 hours a day every day.
  • Marketing Mailer – Giving your neighbors & surrounding areas notice of our listing, allowing them to refer us to potential buyers! (8,000 pieces monthly)
  • Utilization of powerful Internet sites such as Realtor.com, Re/Max.com, YouTube, Zillow and more. • Networking System with other aggressive agents.

Advertising & Exposure

You can’t be the only one that knows your home is for sale. There are many useful tools for ensuring maximum exposure to your home. It has and will always be my belief that more advertising equates to a higher sales price and less time on market.

My Approach to Marketing

Here is how I ensure the MAXIMUM EXPOSURE of your home!

Online Advertising:

  • Multiple Listing Service (Both Domestic + International)
  • Email Marketing Campaign (16,000 +Agents)
  • Professional Photography and Video
  • Realtor.com (Purchase exclusive zip codes for dominant advertising)
  • Zillow.com (Purchase exclusive zip codes for dominant advertising)
  • YouTube.com Videos, CNN, Fox, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Homeseekers.com Website, LA Times, ESPN, NBC News, Yahoo
  • ABC News, USA Today, CBS Local, New York Times
  • Homefinder.com, Adwerx (averages over 300 daily viewings) Trulia.com, the Weather Channel, MSNBC.com, MSN.com, Yahoo.com, Google.com
  • JohnMazz.com Website – Great Source of Local Information & Listings
  • RedX Direct Contact Calling – Alerts more potential buyers than an open house
  • Re/Max One Website + Relocation Services (largest privately owned real estate company website)
  • Homes and Land
  • Advertising of Open House

Excellent Communication Skills:
Able to effectively communicate with people from various backgrounds. Build rapport and develop trust. I can convey difficult issues and computations in simple terms.

Offline Advertising:

  • Networking of Listings (I am one of the only agents that actively works this system in the area).
  • Target Marketing Mail Campaign to 8,000 Homes Monthly
  • Home & Land Magazine
  • Aerial Photography Using Drones
  • Color Brochures
  • Special Highlight Sheets – (Justifying our list price)
  • Broker’s Open House – (Food and Drinks Served)
  • Public Open House(s)
  • Home Feedback.com (Online link to agent feedback & updates)
  • Bi-Weekly Feedback Calls to Agents – (Verbal and or Written)
  • Agent Tours – (Me offering to help the agent learn home details)
  • The Home Magazine

The above mentions the most powerful marketing tools used to get the attention of prospective buyers and their agents.
Other marketing systems have been sampled/temporarily used in the past, but then discontinued due to their lack of positive results. All advertising mentioned above or on previous pages will be used upon John Mazziotta’ s discretion.


The first step in selling a home is pricing the property appropriately. Many Realtors will “Over Price” the property to impress the seller into signing a contract. That is not my goal. I quote a price which you will realistically obtain when placing the home for sale. The BEST source for obtaining home value is the Comparison Method. We use local sales of similar homes to establish a value.

Having a home show its best will help in many ways. You want your home to stand out amongst the competition. This will help justify your asking price, as well as assist when it comes to the appraisal. We don’t want to just sell your home, we look to obtain top dollar!

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